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(13.05.2022г. 2:50) Jamesemuch
Mikha moaned loudly, Lina's moans joined his moans, her black hair, matted with sweat, covered her face, and the nipples on the girl's chest swelled, it seemed, touch them and they would burst!
“If you dare to speak to me like that again, I will beat you like the last bitch,” he said, not without hatred.
just click for source.. It seems to be a mollusk.
Bitch! Will you ever shut up?! Oravan shouted furiously at her. Your squeals hurt your head, you stupid shrew! Why did I just sign up for this ride again?
There was indeed some effect. I noticed that Nastya stopped wearing any panties, except for thongs. The bras were now also very beautiful ... If only they were at all. New dresses, especially in summer, seductively opened the way to her boobs and ass ... But something else was needed for decisive success.
But the hands - the hands were so tender! Small, very neat fingers with perfect manicure and clear nail polish. She herself is very fragile, and she does not have the muscle mass inherent even in thin men like me.
Unfortunately, my hopes for Igor were not justified. After fucking me, he lost all interest in my person and began to pump up alcohol.
Probably the whole entrance knew that I was fucking Olya, but I didn't care.

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